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Planned litters




BORN 13 september 2022, 4 boys, 3 girls


Diego x Grappa


If you have any interest in a puppy please send a mail to

Please introduce yourself, tell us what you are looking for and what life you can offer to our puppy.


Please note that we will not place any pups based on colour, eye colour or your place on the waiting list. Our pups hapiness in life will always be our priority.

Special interest go out to performance homes !

We are a small breeder  and  only plan  a litter rarely as we want to ensure that each litter is given the utmost care and attention to ensure we raise happy, healthy puppies with great dispositions.

Please check back for updates and announcements of our future litter plans.

Litter Grappa Diego Advertentie add GrapDie.jpg


 Australian Shepherds

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