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Anker Dimaspagina
BIS Indian Dream San Dimas

Date of Birth: March 5, 2007

MDR1 +/+

PRA: Clear

CEA: Clear

HSF4: Clear

PHA: negative

Clinical Eye test: Clear

HD: OFA Excellent/FCI A1

ED: OFA Normal/FCI 0

OCD[DJD]: Normal

full dentition, scissors bite

long tail

FCI & ASCA registration
Breeder: K.J. Boer-Bouma - Indian Dream


Accomplishments & Titels:
Best In Show (BIS) under honorable
ASCA Senior Breeder Judge Carol Ann Hartnagle
Multiple ASCA Best Veteran 
Multiple ASCA Best Stud dog 
Multiple ASCA and FCI class placements and wins


Dimas is the one that made me fall in love with our breed, my sole-mate, so easy to train, so much fun in whatever we do, a wonderful obedience dog, a beautiful show dog, a smart doggy dancer, a fast agility runner, an instinctive sheep-herding dog, and the best Treibball player. Dimas does everything with his heart and sole always giving everything he’s got.

WTCH Twin Oaks Bulldurham CD

HOF Twin Oaks Duchess

The Maverick of Twin Oaks

K-Rue's Cutie Bear

Dorn's Poudre Lakohta

Colorado's Perky Miss

Nelsons Twister

Nelsons Pistol

Capay Spirit Bear

Lenda's Duke STDcds

[Bull's Duke Chickatay]

Indian Dream Crazy Girl STDs

Capay Magic Flint ​

Twin Oaks Bull's Bandit

Lendas Gypsy

Ch. Manchado Crazy Horse CDX STDc OTDds

Ch. Manchado Chili Pepper

Ch. Fairoaks Atreyu, STDd OTDcs

Boot Hill's Ronita of Fairoaks

Ch. Fairoaks Atreyu, STDd OTDcs

Boot Hill's Ronita of Fairoaks

Ch. Mikeworths Texas Tumbleweed CD

Sweetwater Texas

Ch Colorado's Clint 

Nelsons Magic Bullet

HOF Ch. Starstuff's Still Crazy CD


HOF Fairoaks Jami Jo

Int'l Ch. Fairoaks Aladar

William's Bow Tye Tumbles

Ch. War Drum Of Imagineer 

STDcd OTDs JW'97 W'98 W'99 UV

[War Paint Of Imagineer]

Texas Painted Black STDcds


 Australian Shepherds

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